One Credential, Universal Identification

Security Solution Flexibility.

Welcome to the world of Interoperability!

In a perfect world, your smart access card should seamlessly and securely read on your door access readers, your locks, and your logical access readers.  LEAF is providing the tools to make such concepts a reality.

The commercial security industry, as a whole, from technology providers to end-users, is demanding more product interoperability, security, and functionality. LEAF was created by industry members to simplify the integration of legacy, current, and future technologies.

Infrastructure choice

LEAF is combining the best security protocols and ISO standards with the most advanced technologies to provide a complete specification for interoperable solutions. Connect all of your security infrastructure components with LEAF.

Your user's credentials are their keys to everything they need and want to do with their identities in one package.  Security through standards is enabling a more open and more secure world. LEAF pledges to continue its quest to ensure compatibility in security.

LEAF Enabled Products



  •  Biometrics



SYMETRIC Cryptographic KEYS

LEAF Si and LEAF Cc 



LEAF Si stands for LEAF Secure Issuance.  LEAF Si Enabled Products come with a standard set of keys that facilitate interoperablity out of the box. LEAF Si is for end users who do not have an appetite for key management, but are required to transition to highly secure encrypted credentials that nevertheless present options to work with multiple vendors.

LEAF Cc stands for LEAF Custom Cryptographic Keys. End-Users who desire to use their own keys and or have them managed by a 3rd party can purchase LEAF Cc,  Custom Cryptographic Keys. LEAF Cc is recommended for facilities requiring high security and is optimal for campuses desiring maximum flexibility and interoperability

The enhanced security of LEAF Cc cards means LEAF Cc cards can only be read by authorized devices. Readers must be specifically loaded with one of the read keys of the Cc keyset as authorized by the end-user

End-users are in full control of their LEAF Cc keyset and work directly with LEAF vendors to issue and maintain them....

We started by defining a standard data structure for the latest smart credential technology. In most cases credentials are based on MIFARE DESFire® EV2. The intelligent design supports the most advanced security features and a genuinely open multi-application architecture.